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e-Mobility Applications

MGM COMPRO electric propulsion systems are suitable for any e-mobility application thanks to its compact size and extremely light weight. Complex propulsion systems include everything that makes the system working: electric motor, invertor/speed controller, battery management system and many more complex components.

Guardian Aerospace eVtol

MGM COMPRO is really proud to be a part of this project which is really innovative as well as useful. For this company and their great project, we supply our brushless motor controllers to give them the best performance possible.

Monitoring the world with X-Sun

For this fully electric system, MGM COMPRO provided motor controllers. To be specific, it was our HBCi10063 and HBCi20063 motor controller to provide the best quality possible. We are really proud to be part of this and have our fingers crossed for their success.

Magnificent Heavy Lift VTOL SAMAD S5M

Samad Aerospace approached us to deliver 40kW REB 30 and 50kW REB 50 electric motors, also motor controllers of 100kW and 33 kW. They have been chosen for hybrid version of VTOL S5M and electric propulsion system of the aircraft.


Most of us knows them as the car manufacturer so it was very nice surprise to see them work on the fascinating project – The Electrified Wingsuit and we happened to be part of it.


A group of students build a fastest Hyperloop pod in SpaceX Hyperloop Pod competition! They achieved the speed of 467 km/h. MGM COMPRO was a proud partner during this project.


Watch impressive flight of GP 15 JETA airplane by GP GLIDERS! We were proud partner during this project delivering our propulsion systems for GP GLIDERS team.

BOOT 2020

As every year tradition, MGM COMPRO was part of the BOOT Düsseldorf exhibition focusing mainly on water sports and marine transport. We succesfully exchanged knowledge with many of our important partners and gained information from the growing market. We are looking forward to participating in the next year!


Every year, Zhukovsky airport hosts a salon dedicated to aviation and space. We are proud to be one of eight companies representing Czech Republic there. We showed to the public our solutions in the field of electric propulsion systems and specialty electronics used in the aviation sector.

AERO 2019

AERO FRIEDRICHSHAFEN is one of the biggest aviation event of the year, and we obviously couldn’t miss it. On the area of 657 m² we successfully showed 5 electric airplanes and presented our approach to electric airplanes manufacturing.

Boot 2019

“Follow the call!” That was the claim of 50th anniversary of world’s largest boat show in Düsseldorf. MGM COMPRO answered this call to see the results of its actual strategic partnerships and also to discuss future business possibilities.

Forvola Guinness World Record

Forvola broke the Guinness World Records of the heaviest payload lifted by a drone! 101 kg for 1’03”,53! Congratulations and thanks for being such a successful partner!

ΦNIX in the air

Beautiful ΦNIX aircraft for the first time in the air! 3 hours flight range, agile behaviour, zero emissions. Time to fly electric! Congratulations, pure-flight!

e-Propulsion Systems

In this video, we presenting our recent aircraft projects. All the electric propulsion systems are designed, developed and manufactured by MGM COMPRO.


We develop and produce electronics, software solutions, products and individual components that meet the demanding needs and expectations of our customers. Welcome to our world.

SmartFlyer Challenge 2018

MGM COMPRO electric propulsion systems played a very important role in the SmartFlyer Challenge 2018. Altogether 5 aircrafts using our complex units helped to promote electric flying to the public.

Eurosatory 2018

MGM COMPRO visited Defence and Security industry trade fair EUROSATORY 2018 in Paris to visit our present and future partners.

100 Years of Czech aviation

In Brno, on its main square, they represented the legends of the Czech aviation with the ΦNIX project, which had had its debut in Czech, among them.

E-FLIGHT Award 2018

Thanks to these outstanding aviation projects, MGM COMPRO got the E-Flight Award 2018. The award ceremony took place at AERO Friedrichshafen.

AERO Friedrichshafen 2018

Like every year, MGM COMPRO participated in the largest annual European General Aviation Fair, where not only the world premiere of the ΦNIX project took place but also many other significant projects created in cooperation with MGM COMPRO.

VOP Taros V2

MGM COMPRO supplies the company VOP with industrial speed controllers and electric motors for their autonomous modular military vehicle Taros V2.

Airbus Group – E-Fan

Another fully electric aircraft by Airbus Group. Complex control and electromotor managements is done by two MGM COMPRO IGBT controllers, HBC 400400 type.

75kW Electric Aircraft

IGBT speed controller HBC 400400 (complete electromotor management), BMS system, charges and KOKAM accupacks are manufactured/supplied by MGM COMPRO.

Electric Wakeboard

Unbelievable water toy with MGM COMPRO technology. MGM COMPRO and its wide range of products participates in launching such an interesting invention.

Archaeopteryx Electric

We provide a complex delivery of the electric propulsion systems (ESCs, Electric Motors, BMS, KOKAM battery AccuPacks, chargers, etc.) for these legendary gliders. Thanks to all this is Archaeopteryx even more versatile.

EGO Trike

For the serial production of EGO Trike MGM COMPRO supplies industrial electronic speed controllers (ESCs) HBC 50063 altogether with electric motors REX 30 (Rotex Electric) and Airborne Battery Management Systems (BMS).

Song 120

We present the fully electic aeroplane Song 120. MGM COMPRO plays very important role in this successful project with the technology of industrial speed controllers HBC series, BMS systems and electric motors Rotex Electric.

F-Bike | Flying bicycle

Ambitious “flying bicycle” drone project. The 6 electromotors are precisly controlled by 6 HBC SERIES controllers. Energy is supplied by custom manufactured KOKAM accupacks.

F-Bike | Flying bicycle

The flying bicycle, multirotor project that got attention of world media. Its 6 electromotors are controlled by MGM COMPRO HBC SERIES controllers. Accupacks were custom manufactured by MGM COMPRO.

Paracell Paramotor

The Spanish producer of drives for electric paraglides (paramotors) uses MGM COMPRO HBC SERIES industrial speed controllers for electric motor control and the BMS-16 system in its battery chargers.

U-15 Phoenix

The electric aircraft producer (company Phoenix Air) uses MGM COMPRO industrial speed controllers and Rotex Electric motors in the electric conversion of U-15 Phoenix.

Airbus Group – E Cri-Cri

Výkonné elektromotory řídí průmyslové regulátory otáček MGM COMPRO HBC SERIES. Bateriím KOKAM svou péčí prodlužují životnost nabíječe a BMS sytémy naší firmy.

Lampuga – Jet Surfboard

MGM COMPRO supplies the Lampuga company with the top quality HBC series industrial ESCs (electronic speed controllers).


These stylish paraglides (electric paramotors) use HBC SERIES industrial speed controllers for electric motor control with special firmware developed especially with experienced paragliders.

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