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MGM COMPRO has a long tradition in the development of electric propulsion units – from large series of systems ready for in-building to special tailor-made units, which change contemporary standards of electro mobility, e.g. in electric aircrafts, vehicles, UAVs, UGVs, boats, military applications, jet surfs and many more fields. The continuous power of our systems ranges from 2-250kW and follows the most demanding safety standards.

The industrial ranges of HBC and HSBC controllers represent state of the art technology of electric motor control. Controllers ranging from low to high powers, low as well as high voltages are manufactured in many types and designs to completely fulfill customers’ needs. Altogether with top control management and unrivalled size/weight to continuous power ratio they feature numerous possibilities of settings, operations, communication and diagnostics.

We offer a large selection of drives for industrial applications with rated performance ranging from a few up to hundreds of kilowatts excelling at its parameters, size and weight to continuously delivered power ratio.

All our electric motors have compact and durable design. We use only proven and high quality materials. It is a matter of course every single unit is monitored for increase permitted temperature.

Lithium batteries are currently the best available energy storage technology, exceptional for the ratio of dimensions to weight and capacity. We offer individual cells and complete battery packs designed according to the customers’ requirements (any feasible shape and size) with the most advanced technology focusing on the best use of energy, intelligent Battery Management Systems, active & passive safety systems and effective mass production process.


MGM COMPRO also offers its clients a complete range of accessories, thanks to which it offers the possibility of delivering a complete propulsion unit of the best quality. For us, the quality of our products is very important, as we want to give our clients the best solution for their idea or problem. Altogether with our years of experiences in the development and manufacturing of specialty electronics and lots of successful projects behind us, we are an ideal partner for your project.

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30 years
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5000 satisfied
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Design, development, manufacturing
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MGM COMPRO is a company focusing on development and manufacturing of state of the art solutions in the area of BLDC and PMSM electric motors control for industrial applications and Electric Vehicles. Unique BMS battery management systems for complex management of energy storage, industrial chargers, battery accupacks, special electronics, etc., are also part of company wide product portfolio altogether with custom-built development and manufacturing. MGM COMPRO also imports batteries for industrial applications. Small as well as large companies, international corporations, armies, research centers and universities belong to our partners.

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