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MGM COMPRO also offers its clients a complete range of accessories, thanks to which it offers the possibility of delivering a complete propulsion unit of the best quality. For us, the quality of our products is very important, as we want to give our clients the best solution for their idea or problem. Altogether with our years of experiences in the development and manufacturing of specialty electronics and lots of successful projects behind us, we are an ideal partner for your project.

MGM COMPRO charging systems use an advanced algorithm to care for and extend the service lifespan of batteries. These systems ensure precision in charging with currents as low as a few Amperes up to hundreds or even more, if required.

MGM COMPRO Battery Management Systems (BMS) bring new dimension to economic effectiveness for applications using lithium based batteries. They ensure high end management of energy storage in battery systems (during charging, as well as discharging and even with very high currents) for various industrial applications, electric aircraft, solar and wind plants, intelligent houses and other electric vehicles (cars, boats, paramotors, etc.).

MGM COMPRO electronic contactors represent intelligent substitute for mechanical contactors, featuring unlimited number of cycles, lower weight, lower consumption of control signal, automatic anti-spark, intelligent control modes etc.

30 years of experience with development and manufacturing of specialty electronics, numerous successful projects, renowned companies’ and industrial leaders’ references, own manufacturing lines, unique know-how and technology make us an ideal partner for your project.

Altogether with the cutting edge electronics, MGM COMPRO offers a wide range of related accessories. Highest quality industrial connectors, cables, fuses, display units, converters, power supplies, battery boxes, special tools for maintanance and much more belong to our portfolio.

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