AERO FRIEDRICHSHAFEN is one of the biggest aviation event of the year. And we obviously couldn’t miss it.


It has become a tradition for MGM COMPRO to be a part of AERO FRIEDRICHSHAFEN every year. AERO presents the world of flight and in the year 2019 it was the 27th edition of this event.The event took place at the Friedrichshafen Exhibition Grounds from April 10 to April 13 including the range of aircrafts like gliders, low-cost, ultra-light aircraft with take-off weights under 600 kilograms, light high-performance passenger aircraft, helicopters, as well as exclusive business yet.

This year was more prominent than the previous ones, because industry experts predict significantly growing demand for electrically-powered aircraft, as well as autonomous vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

AERO FRIEDRICHSHAFEN leads trade show for general aviation. When we say leads, we really do mean it. Why? Mainly because AERO hosts more than 700 exhibitors from 38 countries, offers 12 exhibition halls plus static display, 2 foyers and we haven’t mentioned magnificent gross area of 105,000 m2 yet.


In the year 2019, we attended this event for the 8th time and we were bigger than ever before. We had area of 657m2 where we showed 5 electric airplanes like Pure Flight ΦNIX, SkyleaderRuppert Composite – Archaepteryx Electric, GP Gliders and e-Song 120. We were proud to present innovations in design, development and manufacturing of electric propulsion systems.

Martin Dvorský, the owner of MGM COMPRO, made an interview there, mostly about how MGM COMPRO started and who we collaborated with. He also said that MGM would like to show more of their product, but unfortunately, not all of our partners visit this event or want to show it there.

“We’re greatly known in our branch and our electric propulsion systems bring lots of benefits to our partners and that’s the main reason why the big partners want and like to collaborate with us.”

It was a big pleasure for us to be a part of this special event, which highers its standards every year. We’re looking forward to participate in the next year and to continue our tradition. If you would like to see more of the event’s atmosphere, we prepared a short video for you, which you can find at the end of this article.

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