Propulsion Systems

MGM COMPRO has a long tradition in the development of electric propulsion units – from large series of systems ready for in-building to special tailor-made units, which change contemporary standards of electro mobility, e.g. in electric aircrafts, vehicles, UAVs, UGVs, boats, military applications, jet surfs and many other fields.


Converting your visions into reality

MGM COMPRO is designer, developer and manufacturer of top of the range industrial electronics such as electronic speed controllers (complex motor management), BMS systems, battery packs, chargers, custom built solutions, specialty electronics and electric motors.

Numerous successful projects, references from many renowned customers, participation in dozens of innovative activities, massive appetite for new challenges, creation of unique technological solutions, this all stands behind MGM COMPRO.

Propulsion letadlo


  • from 1kW to up 100 kW
  • 63V, 120V and up to 400V
  • water / air cooled
  • wide range of customizable configurations and designs
  • wide range of settings, protections, diagnostics and communication channels
  • great weight to performance ration


  • from 1 kW to up to 100 kW
  • water / air cooled
  • tailor made winding
  • with and without hall sensors
  • great weight to performance ratio
  • maintenance free operation


  • more than 25 years of experience and cooperation with top lithium cells producers
  • tailor made battery configuration and shapes
  • unique way of coupling cells by using combination of nickel lines with copper


  • management of energy storage
  • protect cells and significantly extend lifespan
  • wide range of settings, protections, diagnostics and communication channels


  • balancing charging systems
  • customizable for any battery voltage and capacity
  • single phase or three phase
  • possibble to use in any country (220V-240V or 110V-120V)
  • customizable charging current


  • graphic / text versions
  • from 2,4“ to up to 7,0“
  • CAN / RS TTL / RS485 communication


  • Connectors, Contactors, DC/DC convertors, Fuses, Antisparks, Throttle sticks, Cambling
80-110 Kw

80―100 kW

Ideal solution for VTOL aircraft

60―80 kW

Suitable for 2 seater LSA

80-110 Kw
80-110 Kw

40―60 kW

For powerful 1 seater LSA

30―40 kW

The best solution for self-launching gliders

80-110 Kw
80-110 Kw

10―30 kW

For various UAV applications and heavy payload lifting drones


We lead you through the process of designing the complex electric propulsion system from the scratch. You don’t have to be an expert in field, just tell us your vision, the rest is our job.


The team of 40 experienced electrical and mechanical engineers is always ready to face the toughest challenges. The are no limits for us, just the edge of the latest technology.


We are not just integrators of the electric propulsion systems, we have the whole process of project finalization in hands thanks to our own product lines of the most important electronical components.


It does not matter whether you have a project of electric airplane, e-VTOL, UAV/Drone, marine or automotive application. We have a very rich and detailed experience with the overall process of final implementation, including very thorough testing procedures.

Follow-up Support

You are never left behind! The support engineers are always ready to help you with any issues or questions you might have about our products and services. Simply said, we are always here for you.

Like an instrument in your hands

When cooperating with MGM COMPRO, you literally become a co-creator of the propulsion unit for your application, because we want to convert your visions into reality and every-day life with all standards of the future. Use our innovation, experience, passion, technology and knowledge as one complex instrument in your hands.

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