Propulsion system

Propulsion Systems

MGM COMPRO has a long tradition in the development of electric propulsion units – from large series of systems ready for in-building to special tailor-made units, which change contemporary standards of electro mobility, e.g. in electric aircrafts, vehicles, UAVs, UGVs, boats, military applications, jet surfs and many other fields.

Converting your visions into reality

MGM COMPRO as designer and producer of top of the range industrial electronics such as electronic speed controllers (complex motor management), BMS systems, battery packs, chargers, custom built solutions, specialty electronics and electric motors, represents ideal partner for designing, implementation and production of complete electric drive units and propulsion systems fulfilling customers’ most demanding needs. Numerous successful projects, references from many renowned customers, participating in dozen of innovative projects, massive appetite for new challenges, creating unique technological solutions, this is our reference.

Like an instrument in your hands

When cooperating with MGM COMPRO, you literally become a co-creator of the propulsion unit for your application, because we want to convert your visions into reality and every-day life with all standards of the future. Use our innovation, experience, passion, technology and knowledge as one complex instrument in your hands.

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