Altogether with the cutting edge electronics, MGM COMPRO offers a wide range of related accessories. Highest quality industrial connectors, cables, fuses, display units, converters, power supplies, battery boxes, special tools for maintenance and much more belong to our portfolio.

Extra care, extra power

  • We undestand the importance of various auxilliary components, as we consider them the most vulnerable parts of the overall system. Becaouse of this, we pay extra attention to develop and distribute the best accessories available.
  • In cooperation with our partners, leading companies in various fields of accessories and related industries, we offer a full spectrum of surrounding products.

From A to Z

  • MGM COMPRO is the manufacturer and distributor of many auxilliary aceessories needed in any complex technological project.
  • This includes modular top of the range connectors including special types, various power and data cablings, ring terminals, fuses, converters, power supplies, battery boxes, display units, special tooling and much more.
  • This all comes as a part of our portfolio to spare your time and expenses and successfully fulfill your expectations.

Custom built accessories

  • In case the standard solutions are unable to cover the individual needs, MGM COMPRO is keen and flexible to offer in-house expertise, experience, production capacity, modern technology and knowledge of trends (or/and as well our partner’s throughout the field) to bring the answers and solutions as instant as possible.
  • As a developer and manufacturer of complex propulsion systems with 30 years of experience, we have a vast knowledge of best practices to reach the best results of your project.

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