Industrial chargers

MGM COMPRO solutions include a wide range of charging systems, from the smallest with a few cells, to larger, high performance charging systems. Their advanced algorithms for charging and for cell management are exceptional. Protection, diagnostics, a wide range of options for PC communications and real-time monitoring of the charging process are all standard features of our chargers.

High currents,

advanced protection

  • The full range of MGM COMPRO charges includes non-balancing as well as balancing variants, covering the battery packs including standard balancing BMS systems, and also battery packs including special “airborne BMS” types.
  • In such a case these chargers contain complete power sections along with a balancing modules (weight of balancing modules and charging waste heat stays in a charger instead of inside the battery pack). They all guarantee excellent charging, management and protection of all cells in the charged batteries.
  • The portfolio includes systems with charging power of hundreds of watts up to those with up to 100kW and even more if required.

Respecting charging standards

  • As first on the market we introduced (AERO 2018) the possibility to fast charge serial electric aircraft with the same charger like your electric car.
  • On demand, MGM COMPRO charging systems may include the requested automotive charging communication standards.
  • We respect all major charging standards including CHAdeMO, CCS2, ONIX AERO and more. Contact us to get the detailed report on more charging standards.

advanced balancing

  • Most of MGM COMPRO chargers are capable of balancing within the full range of their charging currents (up to 100A or even more if required!). This is critical when very fast (10 – 15 minutes) charging is required for A123 type and other similar cells.
  • This parameter is just as important for LiFePo4-type cells, which require perfect balancing over a very limited period of time, in this case during the final 5% of charging.
  • This process requires maximum balancing with the highest possible currents (balancing with low currents significantly extends the period needed to fully charge the cells.)

We understand your individual inquiries

We understand your needs. They are as unique and individual as your project. That’s why our charging systems are designed to allow their configuration to be as flexible as possible (numbers of cells, charging currents, charging performance, etc.).

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