Electric Motors


MGM COMPRO electronic contactors represent intelligent substitute for mechanical contactors, featuring unlimited number of cycles, lower weight, lower consumption of control signal, automatic anti-spark, intelligent control modes etc.

MGM COMPRO Semiconductor Contactors

for DC Circuits for Industrial Use (featuring as well Automatic Antispark).

These AAC modules are designed exclusively for power connection/disconnection of load (controller, battery, etc.) in DC circuits.

Precision and reliability

underlined with almost zero consumption.

MGM COMPRO AAC 32-bit processor controlled modules represents very advantageous substitution for conventional mechanical contactors (they are significantly lighter, smaller, more reliable, …). They have considerably lower power (current) consumption of control signal (for example with MGM COMPRO AAC for 12V control signal the consumption is typically only ca 2.5mA, compared to at least ca 130mA permanently + 3.8A for 130ms during switching ON (mechanical contactor coil consumptions) – which are standard values for top of the range mechanical contactors, e.g. Kilovac or Gigavac (other mechanical contactors in this range mostly offer even significantly worse values).

Intelligent control saving volume, weight and costs

These semiconductor contactors have as well the possibility to use a built-in internal antispark circuit that prevents sparking of contacts/connectors when connecting the capacitive load to the power supply/battery (blocks of DC bus capacitors used in controllers, etc.). This unique feature leads to significant simplification of circuits in overall power installation (in any application), resulting as well to lower weight of the application, smaller dimensions and lower in-building and overall costs.

They have several modes of operation and uses, from fully automatic to fully controlled by external control.

They are produced in various types featuring the voltage ranges up to 80V (up to 530A), and up to 150V (280A).

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