50–80 kW

50–80 kW Electric Motors

(50–80 kW, 1500–4000 rpm, 400–800 V)

Highly variable and customizable, yet very powerful category of electric motors. Suitable for a wide range of aviation projects, such as multirotor applications (UAVs), drones, gliders, as well as various types of marine projects. Tuned especially for complex projects with high demand for compact dimensions and very light weight.

REB 90

60–80 kW / 1500–4000 rpm / 400–800 V / 300 Nm

Thanks to its great power to weight ratio, REB 90 serves really well in applications with extreme power demands but limited space. It finds its use in drones and multi-rotor applications, as well as in gliders and marine projects.

REB 90 is also used very effectively in demanding projects like airships, where very high torque and low rpm output is crucial.

We understand the special requirements your project might have, therefore our engineers are ready to help you to configure REB 90 according to your needs.



Technical data

TypeVoltageContinuous / Peak powerWorking rotationMax torqueWeightCooling
REB 90400–800 V60–70 kW / 80 kW1 500–4 000 rpm300 Nm22 000 gAir / Hybrid (air + fluid)
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REX 90

40–70 kW / 1500–4000 rpm / 400–800 V / 200 Nm

REX 90 is a high-end solution for a lot of applications. It suits well for various aviation projects with demanding aerodynamic needs because of its small diameter.

This feature makes REX 90 ideal for any project, where space is fairly limited and where the gearbox is impossible to be used.

Several aspects of this motor are customizable for the needs of your project. By adjusting voltage or rpm, we can tailor REX 90 to serve you exactly the way you require.




Technical data

TypeVoltageContinuous / Peak powerWorking rotationMax torqueWeightCooling
REX 90400–800V40–50 kW / 70 kW1 500–4 000 rpm200 Nm17 000 gAir / Hybrid (air + fluid)


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