5–15 kW

5–15 kW Electric Motors

(5–15 kW, 2 000–12 000 rpm, 63–400 V)

The most compact and light-weight category of motors in our portfolio. Their small dimensions combined with a low weight are ideal for aviation, marine, ground vehicle and other industrial projects. These motors can work with high rotation speeds achieving up to 12 000 RPM.

RET 20

7–13 kW / 63–400 V / 2000–8000 rpm / 25 Nm

Low weight of RET 20 brings major advantage for projects, where weight is crucial – this comes especially handy in many types of multirotor applications. RET 20 also performs well in electric motorcycles, as well as marine projects such as smaller boats. Its specific construction allows a great installation variability: it suits well with both integral and outboard solutions.

We pay extra attention to customisation of our motors according to your requirements. We will do our best to tailor RET 20 exactly in the way you need.




Technical data

TypeVoltageContinuous / Peak powerWorking rotationMax torqueWeightCooling
RET 2063–400V7–10 kW / 13 kW2 000–8 000 rpm25 Nm2 800 gAir
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RET 30

8–15 kW / 63–400 V / 2000–8000 rpm / 35Nm

RET 30 is suitable for very ambitious projects, mainly drones and multirotor applications. It provides a great performance also in ultralight gliders, where low weight combined with high performance is one of the most important aspects.

RET 30 is suitable for many types of electric bikes, as well as marine applications such as small electric boats.




Technical data

TypeVoltageContinuous / peak powerWorking rotationMax torqueWeightCooling
RET 3063V–400V8–12 kW / 15 kW2 000–8 000 rpm35 Nm4 000 gAir


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REG 60

8–15 kW / 63–400 V / 3000–12000 rpm / 35 Nm

REG 60 achieves the greatest RPM range in our motor portfolio. This brings great utility in numerous applications, where high rpm and torque are needed.

Thanks to its small diameter, its use is very versatile: it performs very well in electric motorcycles, marine applications such as smaller boats and other industrial applications (e.g. oil and water pumps).






Technical data

TypeVoltageContinuous / Peak powerWorking rotationMax torqueWeightCooling
REG 6063–400V8–12 kW / 15 kW3 000–12 000 rpm35 Nm3750 gAir

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