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MGM COMPRO is a part of numerous innovative projects – we work with industrial leaders and research institutions, and pioneer the electric future. This all results in complete portfolio of the most advanced drives, electric motors and generators. You can choose from wide variety of diameters, rpm ranges, torques and powers. 


80–250 kW

80–250 kW Electric Motors

(80–250 kW, 1500–3500 rpm, 400–800 V)

Top-of-the-range solutions for the most ambitious projects. Power in hundreds of kWs provides a sufficient amount of power even to complex and demanding applications in the air, on the ground or on the water. This category of motors is suitable for various types of aviation projects (commuter class aircraft, drones, e-VTOLs, airships etc.) as well as marine projects and others.

50–80 kW

50–80 kW Electric Motors

(50–80 kW, 1500–4000 rpm, 400–800 V)

Highly variable and customizable, yet very powerful category of electric motors. Suitable for a wide range of aviation projects, such as multirotor applications (UAVs), drones, gliders, as well as various types of marine projects. Tuned especially for complex projects with high demand for compact dimensions and very light weight.

30–50 kW

30–50 kW Electric Motors

(30–50 kW, 1 500–4 000 rpm, 400–800V)

With great continuous power to weight ratio, this category of motors can be used in drones, e-VTOLs – urban mobility projects as well as in other applications. Thanks to the RPM variability, these motors are also successfully used in electric airships. All motors can be customised exactly according to needs of your specific project.

15–30 kW

15–30 kW Electric Motors

(15–30 kW, 1500–8000 rpm, 63–800 V)

Highly variable and customizable category of electric motors. Suitable for a wide range of aviation projects, such as drones, gliders, as well as various marine applications.

5–15 kW

5–15 kW Electric Motors

(5–15 kW, 2 000–12 000 rpm, 63–400 V)

The most compact and light-weight category of motors in our portfolio. Their small dimensions combined with a low weight are ideal for aviation, marine, ground vehicle and other industrial projects. These motors can work with high rotation speeds achieving up to 12 000 RPM.

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