Electric Motors


Being a part of numerous innovative projects, working with industrial leaders and research institutions, pioneering the electric future, this all results in complete portfolio of the most advanced drives, electric motors and generators.

Pure power, pure performance

We offer a large selection of drives in cooperation with electric motor producers for industrial applications with rated performance ranging from a few watts to hundreds of kilowatts. The portfolio includes high performance electric motors used in electric vehicles, boats, motorbikes, aircrafts, wakeboards, paramotors, UAVs, UGVs, marine and military applications. They can also be found in oil pumps, winches and cranes, robots, generators and a full line of other industrial applications.

Portfolio includes inrunners as well as outrunners, various designs, types and technology (in versions with and without hall or other types sensors), always characterized by flat performance curve along a wide range of speeds, an excellent ratio of delivered performance to their dimensions and weight keeping practically maintenance-free operation.

Focus on individual requirements

One of our main goals is also to bring solutions, where design of present motors can’t be applied. We understand uniqueness of every new project as well as needs to innovate and optimize current propulsion units in running applications. That’s why we offer (except wide range of standard winding counts – RPMs/V) even tailor made winding counts according to special RPM/V requirements of our customers.

When cooperating with MGM COMPRO, you literally become a co-creator of the propulsion unit for your application, because we want to convert your visions into reality with all standards of the future.

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