Advanced algorithms are used to control the motor and secure safe operations. Impressive performance, small dimensions and low weight are characteristic.

Wide range of features and possibilities

These speed controllers also offer a range of innovative functions, control and configuration options and PC communication capabilities. Real-time monitoring and logging of operating data are givens. Excellent motor control is complimented by unique battery management and protection. Active safety components, expanded to include the Emergency Stop function, make operation even safer. This is a completely unique feature and particularly invaluable for electric vehicles (EV), allowing traction batteries to be disconnected when the motor is running. They are produced in a number of different configurations and with various options, including air, fan or water cooling. All types in this category feature galvanic separation. Hardware and software customization is possible using customer specifications and needs to transform these speed controllers into extremely efficient components for a wide spectrum of uses.

Technology to drive the innovation

Applications range from the largest EVs (electric aircraft, ships, motorbikes, UAVs, etc.) to various other applications requiring high performance with minimal dimensions and weight along with high reliability and quality with exceptional drive unit management.

This class offers an excellent and unbeatable ratio of dimensions to weight while achieving high performance. They offer easy installation and setup.

Features to increase possibilities

All MGM COMPRO controllers come standard with a wide number of options for setup, diagnostics and PC communication (including real time monitoring) as well as data logging for nearly an unlimited amount of time. The hardware and software can be configured by the user, which is a major advantage. This also means that product adaptability to specific customer needs is very high. Like the full line of HBC controllers, these controllers provide advanced management and care for electric motors and batteries, including the option for active collaboration with BMS systems. Optional setup, function and control features cover a wide range of needs for industrial applications. Some types feature optional galvanic separation from traction voltage.

Advantages at your side

High performance, compact dimensions and weight make these controllers perfect for electric aircraft, boats and ships, motorbikes, UAVs, multirotors, various EVs, paramotors (special FW), blasting systems, pumps, winches and cranes, undercarriages and other industrial applications.

Exceptional features for its class

Full PC communication capabilities are a given, along with real-time monitoring and operational data logging for nearly an unlimited amount of time. Just like HBC controllers, the HSBC series offer a wide spectrum of operating modes, control and configuration options and other unique characteristics. They are also perfect for use when very high speeds are needed (up to 250 000 rpm)

Diverse options are available for cooling as well (air, fan or water). The hardware and software can be configured by the user to meet specific needs, which makes these controllers perfect for a wide range of applications.

Wide field of applications

Such applications include drive motors for oil pumps, hoists and cranes, undercarriages, handling equipment, robots, marine & submarine vehicles and many other applications.

Mechanical design and installation differs from other HSBC controllers, which expands potential applications (integration) to meet various requirements when installation space is tight or a major concern.

Meets the toughest requirements

Like all MGM COMPRO speed controllers they are perfect for use when very high speeds are needed (up to 250 000 rpm). A wide range of potential configurations, parameters and unique functionality supporting PC communication are standard for all MGM COMPRO controllers. The same applies for operational data logging and real-time monitoring. Various cooling solutions are also offered.

Fits small space, fulfils high demands

The reduced installation demands and high performance offered by these controllers make them ideal for use in electric bicycles, scooters, winches and cranes, robots, production lines, flying objects (UAVs, multicopters, etc.) and other applications.