MGM COMPRO HBCi 320120 side

Motor Controller HBCi 320120

up to
38 kW
max continuous power
up to
120 V
max voltage
up to
320 A
continuous current
1257 g


High performance, compact dimensions and weight make these electric speed controllers perfect for electric aircraft, boats and ships, motorbikes, UAVs, multirotors, various EVs, paramotors (special FW), pumps, winches and cranes, undercarriages and other industrial applications.

MEDIUM VOLTAGE brushless DC motor controllers HBCi 320120 are high-performance ESCs for medium performance BLDC and PMSM motors (up to 38kW). This class offers an excellent and unbeatable ratio of dimensions to weight while achieving high performance. They offer easy installation and setup.

This motor controller was used in various projects of Bell company.

Motor Controller HBCi 320120-3 Preview

MGM COMPRO HBCi 320120 front
max continuous power1
38 kW
63-120 V
max continuous current1
320 A
peak current
600 A
up to 99%
Complex data monitoring
1257 g
  • communication

    CAN | RS232 | RS485

  • motor sensors

    3 Hall sensors

  • control signals

    PWM | potentiometer | voltage | data | log.signal

  • various adjustable parameters

    69 parametres.

  • very high efficiency 98-99%

  • emergency disconnection

    Safe to disconnect during the operation.

  • complete galvanic insulation

  • internal data logging (blackbox)

    Reports 22 values.

  • support of external display units

    Real time monitoring of important values.

Note: all the values are valid for environments of 25°C (please see the manual)
¹depends on voltage and rpm

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    Features to increase possibilities

    All MGM COMPRO brushless motor controllers come standard with a wide number of options for setup, diagnostics and PC communication (including real time monitoring) as well as data logging for nearly an unlimited amount of time. The hardware and software can be configured by the user, which is a major advantage. This also means that product adaptability to specific customer needs is very high. Like the full line of HBC brushless DC motor controllers, these ESCs provide advanced management and care for electric motors and batteries, including the option for active collaboration with BMS systems. Optional setup, function and control features cover a wide range of needs for industrial applications. Some types feature optional galvanic separation from traction voltage.

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