Lithium batteries are currently the best available energy storage technology and are exceptional for their ratio of dimensions to weight and capacity. They are also capable of delivering high current. Quality care for these batteries should also ensure long battery lifespan. We offer individual cells and complete battery packs suitable for a vast majority of industrial applications, from the smallest on up to those used in electric vehicles (EV), wakeboards, specialty ones used in aircraft, UAVs, UGVs, marine application, smart houses, off-grid power systems and in other systems for storing excess electricity generated by power plants.

Individual cells and complete battery packs

We design and produce battery packs using many various prime brand cells we offer (Li-Ion, Li-Pol, LiFePO4, …) based on customer needs. It’s possible to assemble the cells into any series-parallel combination to get the battery with practically any capacity and voltage, discharge and charge rate.

If you are interested, some types of cells can be professionally selected using internal resistance as the selection criteria in order to ensure the best parameters of the resulting battery pack.

Exclusive partnerships

Beside many renowned Li-Ion cell producers, MGM COMPRO and KOKAM have been partners for over 20 years. KOKAM is the leading global producer of industrial Li-Pol battery cells. This partnerships and cooperations has resulted in perfect understanding of these cells and related technologies. Cooperation has ultimately resulted in a number of advantages incorporated in MGM COMPRO products, controllers and BMS systems that provide the most advanced care for batteries.

Efficient design, advanced safety

Based on the requirements and project specialty criteria we design the battery pack (accu pack) to its last details focusing on efficient layot, low resistance of connections, intelligent electronics and BMS, connectivity, diagnostics, safety features and fire protections.

Tailor made prototypes, effective mass production

Flexibility designing various prototypes based on unique needs of individual projects is after certifications always followed with precision and effective mass production process focusing to latest production technologies, effectiveness and beneficial economic aspects.

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