Li-Ion battery system

Max C-rate
247 Wh/kg
Energy Density
800 V
Max Pack Voltage
10 mOhm
Internal Resistance

Li-Ion battery system is currently the best available energy storage technology, which is exceptional mainly for its high energy density and the capability to deliver high currents.

We offer individual cells as well as complete Li-Ion battery systems suitable for a vast majority of industrial applications, from the small specialty types up to those used in electric vehicles (EV), wakeboards, aircraft, UAVs, UGVs, marine applications, smart houses, off-grid power systems and in other energy storage systems.

Based on the customer’s requirements MGM COMPRO team is able to provide the optimal solution with the balance between energy density and the „C-rate“ bringing the best possible ratio of size and weight to delivered performance.

Almost any shape (within physical limitations)
Various levels of IP coverage (IP65-67)
Certifications (UN 38.3, UN 3480, UL 1642 etc.)
Intelligent BMS included
High quality casing materials
Advanced heat dissipation
Various connector types
Shock/Vibration proof

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    We have cooperation with Murata as well as with many other Li-Ion cell producers, which has resulted in perfect understanding of battery cells and related technologies. We focus on the most efficient layout, low resistance of connections, intelligent electronics and BMS, connectivity, diagnostics, safety features and fire protections. We follow the latest production technologies, effectiveness and beneficial economic aspects.



    We lead you through the process of designing the complex electric propulsion system from the scratch. You don’t have to be an expert in field, just tell us your vision, the rest is our job.


    The team of 40 experienced electrical and mechanical engineers is always ready to face the toughest challenges. The are no limits for us, just the edge of the latest technology.


    We are not just integrators of the electric propulsion systems, we have the whole process of project finalization in hands thanks to our own product lines of the most important electronical components.


    It does not matter whether you have a project of electric airplane, e-VTOL, UAV/Drone, marine or automotive application. We have a very rich and detailed experience with the overall process of final implementation, including very thorough testing procedures.

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