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27 Jul 2014

New line of 120V controllers

120V controlleres is the HBC SERIES of industrial speed controllers for electric motors. They are capable of operating with continuous currents of up to 280A.

SportStar EPOS collaboration MGM COMPRO

12 Jul 2014

SportStar EPOS +: Project of Evektor

EPOS+, the SportStar of Evektor’s company in cooperation with its partners was presented as a fully electric airplane suitable for sports flying called EPOS +. Original solution of a propulsion system was developed to meet all necessary certifications.

PARACELL, paragliding in cooperation with MGM COMPRO

15 Jun 2014

MGM supports paragliding

We would like to present our partnership with PARACELL, which is a successful spanish producer of electric paramotors allowing you to enjoy your paragliding.

lampuga Jetsurf cooperation MGM COMPRO

4 Jun 2014

Partnership with Lampuga: it’s official

Lampuga is a producer of totally amazing water toy – electric powered jet surfboard. You can enjoy loads of fun with this rarity! Lampuga almost seems like ordinary surfboard at the first sight but closer look makes a huge difference. Lampuga’s thrust You can’t overlook the jet engine, which delivers unbelievable…

Electric Jet Engine Surfing collaboration | MGM COMPRO

21 May 2014

Crazy technology

This crazy technology can be used for various adrenaline sports such as paragliding, water skiing, snowboarding etc. Check out what exactly MGM COMPRO controllers support.


28 Apr 2014

HV IGBT speed controllers

High voltage speed controllers for high performance electric motors (80kW, 400V) are ideally suited for use in electric cars, aircraft, UAVs, industrial applications, and more.


28 Jan 2013

Compact BMS-16

BMS-16 is an independent battery management system works with chargers. It is intended for balancing, managing and performing diagnostics on up to 16 battery cells with capacity capped at 40Ah.


14 Nov 2012

BMC4530 industrial charger

This industrial charger integrates a battery management system in order to provide precision control over charging and the management of all battery systems at high currents (tens of amperes).

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