New generation of MV controllers

Two new types of controllers, HBC 50063 and HBC 280120, have been added to expand the current line of the most advanced HBC SERIES of industrial speed controllers for electric motors.

Higher performance, smaller dimensions and new capabilities of controllers

The HBC 50063 series (rated for continuous operation at up to 500A and 63V) is the successor to the HBC 40063 model. The new design represents a significant reduction in dimensions and weight and a major increase in performance (31kW). The addition of new ports and functions include the ability to completely isolate equipment from traction power.

HBC 280120 (rated for continuous operation at up to 280A and 120V) is a completely new type of controller designed for higher voltages and moderate levels of performance (33kW). Just like HBC 50063, this one has new ports and functions, including the ability to completely isolate equipment from traction power.

The wide range of advantages, options and configurations offered by the HBS SERIES have been carried forward in the new model types. When combined with the ability to customize both hardware and software, the options for using these controllers are practically limitless.

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HBC controllers

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