Airflight inspiring story: From Flying car to Flying Crane AF200

Developers of AF2000 had thought it all ahead and crane is fitted with variety of sensors giving it the ability to automatically detect and avoid any obstacles in its environment.

They have gone from flying car to flying crane in a short period of time and are now developing the next generation of precision flying cranes. 

Airflight Team, as they like to refer themselves, are passionate dreamers & creative change makers. We would like add so – team of spectacular specialists.

AIrflight shows their technology provider to the world on scandinavia’s biggest industry and technology fair.

This time we had an astonishing opportunity to be part of their next project – flying crane AF200.

We received an order for electric motors, motor controllers, battery system, customized charging system, accessories – line for line everything what makes the complex electric propulsion system consist of.  And yet at the moment we are still working on the new BETTER system.

Airflight Flying Crane AF200 is able to lift and deliver weight up to 200 kilograms payload with high precision. Thats especially impressive considering the full weight which is „only“ 190 kilograms because of  95% of body and frame is built from carbon fiber.

This project is designed to be light and strong. Power to weight ratio is 1.54 which is, just for your imagination, over 3 times higher than Lamborghini Aventador.



The flying crane is able to automatically take off and land in a safely, allowing you to focus purely on your payload and the people around you.

Crane AF200 is fitted with variety of sensors giving it the ability to automatically detect and avoid any obstacles in its environment. This keeps operations safe for both people and equipment.

The whole setting up procedure saves you plenty of time – AF200 is ready to operate in less than 30 minutes.

Thank you for being our long term partner, we appreciate our highly professional relationship and we are excited to see what the future brings us.

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