About us

MGM COMPRO was founded in 1990. Right from the beginning of its activities the whole team has been focusing on the development of specialty electronics. In 1997 the company starts with development and manufacturing of processor based speed controllers for electric motors as one of the first companies in the world. Since then we expanded a lot – nowadays we have a team of 50 experienced engineers and our components are in majority of electric aircraft flying today.

After 30 years on the market, MGM COMPRO is perceived as an innovative designer, developer and manufacturer of specialty electronics for various aviation projects. The product portfolio includes mainly Complex Electric Propulsion Systems (10-100 kW off-the-shelf, up to 300 kW on demand), wide range of Electronic Speed Controllers, Battery Management Systems, Electric Motors, Generators, Custom-built Battery Packs, Chargers and other Electronics, simply everything you need to make the electric aircraft fly.

The main focus is placed on safety and efficiency, which is combined with compact dimensions and low weight. MGM COMPRO provides advanced solutions mainly for e-VTOL projects (Passenger-carrying Drones / Air Taxis), Electric Airplanes, Heavy Lift Drones (50-500kg payload), Military Projects and other all around the globe with the highest attention to every detail in the whole process starting from the initial design and leading to the serial production of customised goods.

As the R&D activities are the most crucial for the future of MGM COMPRO e-mobility solutions, a great deal of our annual turnover goes into creating cutting the edge technologies, which are used in the successor lines of our electric systems and components.

Why to partner with us?


  • Our team consists of young as well as experienced engineers, as we believe that combination of ambitious youth and experience is the best way forward.
  • Innovative thinking and passion for new technologies is a guarantee that our solutions will keep you one step ahead.
  • You don’t have time nor desire to waste your resources experimenting with unknown products with varied quality (which in the end often require many compromises to make them more expensive and less reliable).
  • We are backed by 30 years of experience, numerous satisfied customers and successfully completed projects



  • The economy of your project is as important for us as it is for you. That is why we always try to find the best and quality solution, which is at the same time the most beneficial.
  • We understand that technical support of products is very important for our customers. That is why we provide it in many ways so that our customers obtain important information whenever needed.
  • We are stable and reliable partner, with long experience on the market.
  • We have our own in-house production; therefore we do not waste your resources on additional services from third parties.

These values are embedded in all our products, because after almost 30 years on the market we understand why clients across fields and continents trust us. The company portfolio is now much larger than ever before as well as our desire to provide new ideas, offer our customers better solutions and  continue as a leader in the field.

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