ΦNIX in the air

Beautiful ΦNIX aircraft for the first time in the air! 3 hours flight range, agile behaviour, zero emissions. Time to fly electric! Congratulations pure-flight!

ΦNIX is an airplane powered by electricity. It’s made of modern technologies and materials. This airplane offers a flight duration of minimum 2,5 hours. It’s build for maximum of 2 people and it’s certificated in ELSA (up to 600kg MTOW). The first flight ever was made on the November 6th, 2018. What’s super cool is the fact that this aircraft is completely designed and manufactured in Czech republic. The Czechs are truly among the absolute world leaders in this field, as only few people know about the construction of aircrafts used primarily for sports purposes. Maybe that’s why we can afford to experiment a bit and set a new direction.


  • flying withou noise
  • flying without emissions
  • excellent flight capabilities
  • modern avionics
  • long flight endurance with smart charging system
  • pure electric flight


ΦNIX is powered by Li-Ion batteries with a total capacity of 35 kWh. The batteries are located in the aircraft wing and under the front hood of the aircraft instead of the engine. If you would like to recalculate the hourly energy consumption, the final price would be approximately 55 kč. This already makes a big difference for the end consumer compared to conventional ultralights, which burns about 10 liters of petrol in 60 minutes of flight.

 „This is a purely electric aircraft that draws energy for propulsion from batteries. This energy is utilized by a highly efficient propulsion system regulator – electric motor – propeller to drive it.” – Zdeněk Němec, the head of the entire project, explained to Forbes

We are so proud to be a part of this project and say big congratulations to Pure Flight! And if you would like to see it in the action, right below you can find the video which says it all. 

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