Battery Management Systems


MGM COMPRO Battery Management Systems (BMS) bring new dimension to economic effectiveness for applications using lithium based batteries. They ensure high end management of energy storage in battery systems (during charging, as well as discharging and even with very high currents) for various industrial applications, electric aircraft, solar and wind plants, intelligent houses and other electric vehicles (cars, boats, paramotors, etc.). They fully protect cells and significantly extend their lifespan. As our other signature products, they feature a broad range of settings, protection, diagnostics and communication possibilities.


BMS-16i | BMS-8i

BMS-16i | BMS-8i Various forms, intelligent control

BMS8i and BMS16i types feature balancing during the charge as well as the permanent balancing options, both also available as airborne type. Excellent care for individual cells during charge and discharge is given. Most advanced alghoritms, unique internal voltage measurement feature, balancing current options, full connectivity, modularity, doubled crucial components, real-time HW and FW self-checking, diagnosis and much more are featured.

BMS-2 | BMS-256

BMS-2 | BMS-256 Efficiency in its best form

Both BMS-2 and BMS-256 systems balance extremely high currents of up to 10A! This brings significant advantages over competing systems. One basic difference is the speed at which cells are balanced. This has a fundamental impact on the overall charging process.


BMS-PBT Compact dimensions, advanced care

Modular solution, beneficial for some types of battery pack designs. The biggest advantage is direct placement of very small and lightweight modules at each “S” (serial) cell inside the battery pack. This type of BMS offers various balancing and monitoring methods, i.e. when charging as well as permanently, which is the optimal solution for battery packs, where the weight plays the main role.

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