Waterrebels surfboard

Pushing boundaries of surfing with Waterrebels

A project that pushes the boundaries of water surfing with a new electric surfboard from Waterrebels in cooperation with propulsion system from MGM COMPRO.

Electric propulsion, especially from MGM COMPRO, can be found in various applications such as electric Aircraft, Drones, Air Taxis, UGVs, electric boats and surfboards. Our partner Waterrebels knows their goal and aims for a unique surfboard that allows you to surf whenever and wherever you want. MGM COMPRO is a supplier of the complete propulsion system and is happy tofurther push the boundaries of water sports.

“It’s smart, it’s electric, it’s like nothing ever before”

This electric surfboard is a real rebel, giving users the ability to surf like never before. It is the smartest electric surfboard that offers a ride time of 40 to 55 minutes depending on the user’s settings and a top speed of up to 60 km/h. Its revolutionary design uses an entirely handcrafted carbon fiber hull and a patented X-shaped design on the top. It will be available in several colors along with unique features. But design isn’t everything and that’s why it’s crucial to get the performance right, which is delivered by a specially designed jet propulsion with 750 N trust.

Useful smart features

Waterrebel’s attention to detail and approach is what they excel in. Their electric surfboard offers 3-speed modes:

1) Kids mode: This mod locks the power to a level that is safe and designed for kids to have fun

2) Race mode: which unlocks a higher power output and then

3) X mode: which allows the user to unlock the highest power output possible for a certain amount of time

Not only is the surfboard designed very well but it also has a mobile app with features like these:

      GPS tracking for one or multiple boards

–      Geofence in order to set no go areas for the Surf Rebel X

–      Tracking and recording of your trips

–      Alerts (e.g., movement of the board to avoid theft)

–      Reports

–      Service requests

Waterrebels app

Our collaboration started in 2016 and MGM COMPRO has a strong belief and fingers crossed for the future of this product. As the Waterrebels team itself says – “Our future is electric, be a rebel.”

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