teTra Aviation Wins the Pratt & Whitney Award at GoFly

Last few days MGM COMPRO has been very closely cooperating with Japanese teTra Aviation team competing on The GoFly Event in the United States. Without any doubts, this cooperation was very fruitful and refreshing.

One of a kind

Our Japanese partners, teTra Aviation Team, dedicated more than two years to working on their VTOL teTra 3 for The GoFly Event. GoFly is a unique competition never seen before: backed by their main sponsor Boeing and prize money over $2 million, GoFly encourages engineers, designers and innovators from around the globe to come up with the best VTOL solutions ever made. The goal of The GoFly Prize is to foster the development of safe, quiet, ultra-compact personal flying devices capable of near vertical take-off and landing.

The invention should be user-friendly and, of course, provide the thrill of flight. Outside of these requirements, the function and design are up to innovator teams.

Hard Work Pays off

One of those brave teams was teTra Aviation from Japan. The team decided they will be attending the event with their teTra Mk-3E (common name: Tetra 3). They passed multiple phases of the event against many competitor teams and needed help from our team for the final flight.

No challenge is big enough, so MGM COMPRO successfully shipped four speed controllers in the very last minute to enable the aircraft flying at the main event (everything prepared, produced and delivered from Europe to United States within 24 hours). By doing so, we helped the teTra Aviation team to achieve their goal: to win one of the elite awards of the event.


Pratt & Whitney Disruptor Award

After years of their hard work, teTra’s wishes came true. On the February 29 they were declared as winners of the elite Pratt & Whitney Award. The company sponsoring this award evaluated teTra’s declared that the prize will be awarded to innovativeness and going beyond in developing personal flying device for the competition. With the Disruptor Award, Pratt & Whitney recognized innovation unmatched by any other competitor, so that true originality was rewarded.

It is quite clear that this is a major success for teTra Aviation, and we are glad that we could contribute. There is nothing else to do than send our warmest congratulations to Japan and promise that we will keep supporting innovators from around the world in their pursuit of better future using advanced transport technology.

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