OSSA Motor cooperation at full speed

MGM COMPRO established cooperation with OSSA Motor Czech. Designing, developing and manufacturing customized propulsion system for OSSA’s electric trial bikes, we helped to get their vehicle through prototype phase into serial production.

Focusing on the detail

We are thrilled to announce our close cooperation with OSSA Motor Czech, dynamic engineering company that specializes in design and manufacturing of trial electric motorbikes. Our job was to aid them in the field of propulsion, which is crucial for the power of their bikes. The task was full of very fine work, because we all needed to pay special attention to both balance of the machine and overall design.

Successful cooperation

Both of our teams needed to cooperate very closely, but the hard work paid off – we successfully developed and manufactured a very intricate design which respected all requirements that we stated in the beginning. Our engineering team successfully designed and manufactured customized electric propulsion unit tailored especially for the project’s needs.

For several months, we’ve been tweaking and customizing the whole system that went through multiple testing phases. After many prototypes we can finally announce that the trial bike including our propulsion unit was successfully tested by professional racers. This means that the project is finally ready for serial production.

MGM COMPRO is excited for the cooperation in this next phase. We strongly believe in the potential of the whole project and look forward to the challenges that await us.

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