mgm compro cooperation with vita inclinata load navigator

Vita Inclinata and new load navigator for safer and efficient work

Another beneficial collaboration with Vita Inclinata on a project that may help contribute to safer and more efficient working conditions in the future thanks to their new load navigator.

Vita Inclinata is expanding its product range and we are proud to be their official supplier of motor controllers for several years. All motor controllers are tailored to their requirements and have special firmware modifications to achieve the best and most efficient performance.

Vita Inclinata is known for its life-saving system that is used to help people in critical situations and save lives. This time we would like to introduce you to their next product – the load navigator.

An efficient and safe load navigator with many features

The load navigator is a system with heavy-duty stabilisation manufactured for cranes making navigating loads faster, safer and much more precise. It is mounted to spreader bars and is designed for bigger loads up to 39,000 kilograms.

One of its great advantages is the “position keeping” function. This function keeps the load stable in the pre-set orientation while wind or slew has no impact on it. Advantages include continuous load calibration or 20-40 ton configuration options. Precision and controls of loads with an easy-to-use pendant are the main advantages for companies to keep their workers safe. Caleb Carr, the CEO and the founder of the company Vita Inclinata said, this technology is currently in use in Dubai. He also mentioned that in New York, the state regulators are working to mandate the load navigator on every crane. The load navigator saves time and improves working safer conditions for every person around.

Safety is the No. 1 priority

If you would like to learn more about this load navigator, feel free to visit their Facebook or Youtube.

vita load navigator

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