HV IGBT speed controllers

High voltage speed controllers for high performance electric motors (80kW, 400V) are ideally suited for use in electric cars, aircraft, UAVs, industrial applications, and more.

These speed controllers are also at home in electric motorbikes, ships, boats and other electric vehicles. Speed controllers can also be found in oil pumps, winches and cranes, robots and a full range of other industrial applications.

Rated performance up to 80kW (400A, 400V)

These industrial speed controllers apply the most advanced IGBT modules in order to achieve maximum efficiency (98% – 99%). They are an intelligent solution with high-performance 32-bit ARM Cortex processors used for control. Advanced algorithms are used to control the motor and secure safe operations. The design is based on a many years of experience with BLDC (or PMSM), both with and without Hall sensors, in extreme duty applications and very difficult operating conditions. Impressive performance, small dimensions and low weight are characteristic.

These speed controllers also offer a range of innovative functions, control and configuration options and PC communication capabilities. Real-time monitoring and logging of operating data are givens. Excellent motor control is complimented by unique battery management and protection. Active safety components, expanded to include the Emergency Stop function, make operation even safer. This is a completely unique feature and particularly invaluable for electric vehicles, allowing traction batteries to be disconnected when the motor is running.

Hardware and software customization is possible using customer specifications and needs to transform these speed controllers into extremely efficient components for a wide spectrum of uses. Firmware and software updates available on the internet are a given for all MGM COMPRO controllers. The latest information and expertise are always and conveniently available to our customers online.

Outstanding technical features of these speed controllers

  • working range High Voltage 120 – 400V, up to 400A continuous, continuous power up to 80 kW
  • very high efficiency 98 – 99%
  • very high rpm limit 250.000rpm
  • motor PWM in range 8 – 32 kHz
  • suitable for motors with all poles count
  • suitable for sensor and also sensorless electric motors
  • automatic settings and optimization of sensor position
  • very smooth step of throttle 2048 value
  •  comfortable and easy setting via PC (also reading data out, etc.)
  • data transfer to PC (or other device)
  • displaying data in real time on PC or other display device
  • data logging (voltage, rpm, currents, temperatures,etc.), almost unlimited time period
  • support regenerative braking and battery charging under braking
  • Cruise Control function
  • possibility of controlling by PWM, voltage, potentiometer, data (CAN, RS-485, RS-232 TTL), logic signal
  • various working modes (PWM, constant rpm, constant torque / car mode, boat mode, plain mode, etc.)
  • monitoring all phases and bus
  • possibility of cooperation with BMS (Battery Management System MGM COMPRO for lithium batteries)
  • measuring (monitoring) of each battery cell
  • conversion (recalculation) to internal battery voltage (independence of the processes of internal resistance and currents)
  • cooperate with all types of the battery (NiCd, NiMH, A123, Lipol, Li-Ion, LiFePo4, Pb, etc.) and also power supply
  • safety disconnection of battery (during the run) Emergency STOP
  • monitoring of controller temperature, motor temperature, battery temperature monitoring of internal voltages and temperatures
  • dropout of driving signal protection (cut-off potentiometer, etc.)
  • voltage, current and temperature fuses
  • possibility of the power limiting for forward as well as for backward run
  • brake configurable in main control channel or in auxiliary control channel
  • cooperation with external display units (display current, rpm, voltage, temperature, energy (fuel meter), etc.)
  • current multiplication: take less current from battery, output more current to motor
  • cooling possibilities by airflow, by fan or by water
  • support of customer modification of FW and HW
  • support of customer configuration of HW

These speed controllers offer a full range of customizable parameters and options in order to meet the needs and demands for the most diverse range of applications possible.

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