GP 15 JETA shown in action

A couple of days ago, our long-term partners GP GLIDERS announced the arrival of a brand new and also fully electric glider GP 15 JETA with improved, rather racing class parameters. Right now, even in these challenging times, GP GLIDERS celebrate a success with JETA already in the air.

It feels like yesterday when we were proudly showing successful self launch of the GP 14 VELO. The glider was praised for its improved parameters and declared ready for the new 13.5 meter FAI racing class. Three years later, GP GLIDERS announced the next generation of their product: GP 15 JETA.

The company declares that “its design represents natural evolution of flawless 13,5 m wingspan GP 14 VELO platform, utilizing very similar, sleek fuselages available in two sizes – REGULAR and SPORT. The former is pilot’s comfort oriented and can accommodate individuals up to 200 cm (6’7”) tall and 115 kg (254 lb) heavy. The latter is tighter thus more performance focused. The wing and tailplane are newly optimized designs and are also interchangeable with 13,5 m set derived from GP 14 VELO.” Aside of that, the glider is powered by improved battery system, which got significantly improved as well as the glider’s safety.

MGM COMPRO’s concern was of course development of the electric propulsion system, which we assigned to a great part of our both electrical and mechanical engineering team. The result of our work in cooperation with GP GLIDERS team is a product called Retractable Electric Self-Launching System, serving in spite of the glider and enhancing its abilities. One of the biggest advantages is the system’s subtleness – the system can be deployed in as little as three seconds and can be completely hidden inside the fuselage by simple toggle of a switch for free flight and gliding.

The whole MGM COMPRO team is very proud to be a part of this exciting journey for so many years. We hope that JETA will celebrate as many successes as its predecessors and we are thrilled to be a part of the next generations development. Congratulations!

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