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We focus on delivering products that completely fulfill our customers' expectations and requirements. New technologies, economy, and openness towards all customer needs is our goal. We have gained trust and completed numerous projects for customers across different fields.

Načítání … reference-airbus-group-e-fan

Airbus Group

Altogether with Aero Composites Saintonge we are cooperating on the projects of electric aircrafts for this international corporation. In the projects we participate on the deliveries of industrial speed controllers, batteries as well as chargers.

Načítání … Project Sceptor by NASA | MGM COMPRO


MGM COMPRO delivers industrial HBC Electronic Speed Controllers for the project of NASA. We are involved in the development of a brand new electric propulsion units for Aircrafts.

Načítání … references-mgm-compro-virgin-galactic

Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic - the company doing business with the private flights to space ordered from us the top MGM-COMPRO ESCs.

Načítání … reference-armies


Armies of numerous countries belong to our customers. Our products are utilized in countless army applications thanks to their high quality, reliability, outstanding features and technical solutions.

Načítání … reference-formula-1-team

Formula 1 team

We have delivered specialty speed controllers for one team in the most famous automobile competition. The controllers are part of simulation system of exhaustion gas flow and their subsequent application in aerodynamic solution of the monopost.

Načítání … reference-magna

MAGNA Closures

Industrial speed controllers MGM COMPRO HBC series are delivered to the multinational corporation Magna Closures.

Načítání … GP_GLIDERS


MGM COMPRO is supplier of Electric Propulsion Systems for Polish producer GP GLIDERS.

Načítání … reference-vop-cz-taros-v2


MGM COMPRO supplies electric propulsion systems for the project of autonomous military vehicle of the important arms manufacturer VOP CZ.

Načítání … reference-evektor


EVEKTOR is an established Czech manufacturer of civil aircraft. We are supplying industrial speed controllers for motors, batteries, chargers as well as BMS systems for a project delivering actual electric aircraft.

Načítání … reference-lh-aviation


MGM COMPRO deliveres complex propulsion system (industrial speed controllers HBC, special BMS, accupacks and industrial chargers) for the LH-Aviation's fully electric aircraft.

Načítání … reference-husqvarna


We have participated in a project of renowned manufacturer of garden equipment by development of custom-built hardware and software.

Načítání … reference-ruppert-composite-gmbh

Ruppert Composite GmbH

Altogether with the Swiss company Ruppert Composite GmbH we have developed a complex electric propulsion system for the legendary glider Archaeopteryx and MGM COMPRO became a sole proprietor of these technologies.

Načítání … reference-gambro


We have developed and manufactured custom-built speed controllers and specialty electronics for a manufacturing line of world-wide known producer of medical equipment.

Načítání … reference-ultralightdesign-ego-trike

EGO Trike

The company Ultralight Design, renowned producer of composite aircrafts, uses MGM COMPRO propulsion systems and BMS altogether with Rotex Electric motors for its top class flying tricycle EGO Trike.

Načítání … reference-radinn


MGM COMPRO supplies the swedish company Radinn AB and its electric wakeboard with industrial speed controllers, special BMS, accupacks and industrial chargers.

Načítání … reference-nayati


We have developed complete hardware, software as well as firmware of control electronics for product line of convection ovens for one of the top manufacturers of professional gastronomic equipment.

Načítání … reference-watt-and-sea


Renowned manufacturer of maritime technology belongs to our customers taking HBC and HSBC industrial controllers.

Načítání … reference-lemax


For the manufacturer of top-class lamps which are used by special units, armies, etc., we have developed and are supplying custom-built electronic components.

Načítání … reference-avia-propeller


Industrial speed controllers for propulsion of pressure oil pumps as well as electronics for other applications are supplied to manufacturer of avionics propellers and propellant units.

Načítání … reference-universities-research-centers

Universities, research institutes

We cooperate with many national as well as foreign universities and research institutes thus our products can be found in various unique projects.

Načítání … reference-e-glider


We supply complete management of electromotor control and batteries to Czech manufacturer of design electric paraglides.

Načítání … reference-paracell


Outstanding industrial speed controllers HBC SERIES with specialty firmware for electric paraglide and compact BMS systems are supplied also to ambitious paraglide manufacturer from Spain.

Načítání … reference-song-aircraft-electric

SONG Electric Aircraft

The producer of this popular fully electric aircraft has during its development changed for the MGM COMPRO solution in a form of HBC industrial speed controllers, BMS systems and electric motors Rotex Electric.

Načítání … reference-lampuga


MGM COMPRO provides delivery of industrial speed controllers for the extraordinary electric jet surfboard of the German company Lampuga.