ESCs for the NASA´s project

We were rewarded for our hard work in the development of brushless ESCs. Joby Motors, the American producer of electric motors chose us as a main partner for realization of the very interesting project for NASA.

The main goal of this project is development of a brand new fully electric airplane, which may totally change the direction of electric aviation.

Look at for specification about this airplane, which is called LEAPTech:

  • Conception of this airplane comes from Tecnam P2006T
  • Performance of this propulsion system can reach up to 240 kW,
  • 18 integrated electric motors in special wing
  • Electric motors are controlled by industrial brushless ESC from HBC series by MGM COMPRO
  • The wing is made of carbon composite
  • Batteries LiFePo4 (Lithium-Ferrum-Phosphate)
  • The airplane is for 4 passengers
  • Testing completed in early 2016

Milestone in electric aviation

The plan for this year is mainly testing of an experimental wing, developing and using a new simulator to look at controls and handling characteristics of the aircraft. After this step should be everything ready to proceed to testing flights.

We are convinced that there is a huge future potential for this project. The gathered knowledge might be a milestone for the development of electric aviation. From our point of view is dependence on fossil fuels slowly coming to an end. This is why we are very proud to be part of it with deliveries of our top Electric Speed Controllers (ESCs).

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