2016 in MGM COMPRO

First of all, let us wish you a Happy New Year and thank you for your support in 2016. Before we will start to inform you about actual projects, let us summarise the past year.

AERO Friedrichshafen

In 2016 we participated on the prestigious trade fair of aviation industry in Friedrichshafen. We are already preparing our stand for this year’s event. We can tell you that it will be really worth visiting. We will inform you more about the AERO 2017 in the following weeks. It takes place on 5-7 April.


Partnership with GP Gliders

A very important part of 2016 was our cooperation with GP GLIDERS, thanks to which the electric glider GP 14 SE Velo took off in December.

Industrial Drone Development

The project, we will surely hear about in the future is undoubtedly Drone4Agro. This Dutch start up has potential to change the technological trends in the agricultural industry. We are working with our partner on the drone that can be remotely controlled to replace usual industrial machinery.

Extremely Versatile Drone

The drone named FLIKE (flying bike) has finished its first testing flights. It catches your attention for its various use. It can be remotely or on board controlled, which gives it a big advantage. The producer sees its potential in the transportation, various industries and rescue services.