speed controllers

Range Extenders

Most advanced MGM COMPRO algorithms and hardware solutions bring significant advantages also in the field of electric generators and range extenders. Altogether with small dimensions and weight they offer very high efficiency and a wide range of features and possibilities.

Power, compactness, connectivity

MGM COMPRO offers a line of sophisticated electronics for generators / range extenders based on particular customers’ needs. Various sizes, power levels, combustion engine controls, features, and much more, this all p based on the individual requirements.

High efficiency throughout the RPM spectrum

Most of the standard systems offer high efficiency of generating only in particular level/s of RPMs. Compared to that MGM COMPRO intelligent electronics specialty designed for generators and range extenders, beside many advanced features, offers as well a high efficiency of generating throughout the RPMs spectrum, when various power (kW) is required during the generating process.

Advanced electronics for generators

Interested not just in electronics for your generator/range extender but searching for complete and ready to run solution? In cooperation with combustion engine producers, even as well with a very specialty types, we offer a complete generators/range extenders.

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