BMS-16i | BMS-8i

BMS-16i | BMS-8i Various forms, intelligent control

BMS8i and BMS16i types feature balancing during the charge as well as the permanent balancing options, both also available as airborne type. Excellent care for individual cells during charge and discharge is given. Most advanced alghoritms, unique internal voltage measurement feature, balancing current options, full connectivity, modularity, doubled crucial components, real-time HW and FW self-checking, diagnosis and much more are featured.

Answering tough demands

Depending on mechanical design of the battery pack, it might be beneficial using the solution with concept of multiple BMS modules, which are not located directly at each “S” (serial) cell, but inside the battery pack (or inside the charger for balancing charger variant) and concentrically dissipating the waste heat. Depending on the required balancing currents (charging / balancing time), these types are produced in variants of 100mA and 1000mA.

BMS8i and BMS16i types provide balancing during the charge as well as the “permanent” balancing methods.
As a standard, MGM COMPRO intelligent systems feature modularity to care for almost unlimited number of cells, unique connectivity and diagnostics, safety and reliability, various communication protocols (automotive and aerospace) including the possibility of customisation.

New horizons of safety

The essential feature is unrivaled reliability thanks to having all the crucial components doubled. Moreover, these types provide you with the most advanced hardware real-time self-checking, which makes MGM COMPRO Battery Management systems one of the most reliable on the market.

Born to be Airborne

Both MGM COMPRO BMS8i and 16i fit perfectly for aircraft applications. Besides many other key features, MGM COMPRO also offers option of airborne logic of use.

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