80–250 kW

80–250 kW Electric Motors

(80–250 kW, 1500–3500 rpm, 400–800 V)

Top-of-the-range solutions for the most ambitious projects. Power in hundreds of kWs provides a sufficient amount of power even to complex and demanding applications in the air, on the ground or on the water. This category of motors is suitable for various types of aviation projects (commuter class aircraft, drones, e-VTOLs, airships etc.) as well as marine projects and others.


RES 60

estimated 150 kW / 400–800 V / 1500–3500 rpm

Thanks to exceptionally high torque combined with very short acceleration ramp, RES 60 is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Its usability is tremendously wide: RES 60 may be used in two-seat electric airplanes, LSA or ultra light acrobatic aircraft such as UL600kg. Many drones or eVTOLs can be powered by RES 60, and thanks to its variability this motor is very successful in marine applications or other EVs. Its high torque and low rotation ability is advantageous for specific low-rpm applications, such as electric airships.

Our engineers work extra hard on customer care and variability of our motors. We are ready to help you with suiting RES 60 for your specific needs, for example by adjusting rpm or voltage.




Technical data

TypeVoltageEstimated max. powerWorking rotationWeightCooling
RES 60400–800V150 kW1 500–3 500 rpm29 000 gAir / Hybrid (air + fluid)
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RES 120

estimated 250 kW / 400–800 V / 1500–3500 rpm

Power of up to 250 kW makes RES 120 the most powerful motor from our porfolio. Thanks to this, the motor gives the highest performance possible even to the most ambitious projects.

RES 120 is suitable for any top-of-the-range projects with the greatest power demands. Not only that: the motor is highly variable and can be used in a wide range of applications – in the air, on the ground or on the water. It is able to lift an electric airplane with four passengers and is therefore well suited for commuter class aircraft. Thanks to its high torque and low rotation ability, RES 120 also proves being very useful in airship applications.

MGM COMPRO pays extra attention to variation and customization of our motors. If you reach out to us, we will do as much as we can to tailor RES 120 exactly the way you need.



Technical data

TypeVoltageEstimated max. powerWorking rotationWeightCooling
RES 120400–800V250 kW1 500–3 500 rpm45–50 kgAir / Hybrid (air + fluid)



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