15–30 kW

15–30 kW Electric Motors

(15–30 kW, 1500–8000 rpm, 63–800 V)

Highly variable and customizable category of electric motors. Suitable for a wide range of aviation projects, such as drones, gliders, as well as various marine applications.


REB 30

25–40 kW / 63–800 V / 1500–4000 rpm / 150 Nm

REB 30 is our flagship motor. Being one of the most variable electric motors, REB 30 works great in a wide range of aviation, marine and other projects. It is especially successful in e-VTOLs and drones, where small weight combined with great power and torque is crucial.

This motor suits especially well with complex projects like urban mobility. REB 30 can also be used very effectively in demanding projects like electric airships, where very high torque and very low rpm output is needed.

We pay extra attention to variation and customisation. We will do our best to tailor REB 30 exactly in the way you need.




Technical data

TypeVoltageContinuous  / Peak powerWorking rotationMax torqueWeightCooling
REB 3063–800V25–30 kW / 40 kW1 500–4 000 rpm150 Nm7 700 gAir / Hybrid (air + fluid)
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REX 30

15–25 kW / 63–400 V / 1500–6000 rpm / 70 Nm

REX 30 belongs to one of our most versatile and variable motors – its great range of RPM offers a wide utility in various applications. It can be successfully used in aviation projects such as drones, small gliders, paramotors, electric trikes as well as marine projects, ground electric vehicles and others.

REX 30 also finds its use in several types of industrial applications, such as oil or water pumps.

We are ready to help you with suiting REX 30 according to your specific needs.



Technical data

TypeVoltageContinuous power / Peak powerWorking rotationMax torqueWeightCooling
REX 3063–400V15–17 kW / 25 kW1 500–6 000 rpm70 Nm5 200 g Air / Hybrid (air + fluid)
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RET 60

20–35 kW / 63–800 V / 2000–8000 rpm / 100 Nm

RET 60 is unique for its great range of RPM settings, ranging up to 8000 revolutions. This serves great especially with small diameter of propellers when talking about aviation projects. It finds its use also in boats, ground vehicles and many other interesting projects.

RET 60 was developed and fine-tuned to fit the applications with a very limited space and low-weight demand.

We understand the special requirements your project might have and our engineering team is ready to help you tailor RET 60 according to your specific needs.



Technical data

TypeVoltageContinuous / Peak powerWorking rotationMax torqueWeightCooling
RET 6063–800V20–25 kW / 35 KW2 000–8 000 rpm100 Nm7 200 gAir / Hybrid (air + fluid)
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REX 50

20–35 kW / 63–800 V / 1500–6000 rpm / 120 Nm

REX 50 is a universal choice for many small-dimension and light-weight aviation, marine, ground vehicle and other projects.

This motor can be tailored exactly according to your specific needs, mainly if it comes to setting the right RPMs per Volt (KV).






Technical data

TypeVoltage Continuous / Peak powerWorking rotationMax torqueWeightCooling
REX 5063–800V20–25 kW / 35 KW1 500–6 000 rpm120 Nm8 000 gAir / Hybrid (air + fluid)


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