Lithium batteries for industrial applications

Lithium batteries are currently the best available energy storage technology and are exceptional for their ratio of dimensions to weight and capacity. They are also capable of delivering high current. Quality care for these batteries should also ensure long battery lifespan. We offer individual cells and complete battery packs suitable for a vast majority of industrial applications, from the smallest on up to those used in electric vehicles (EV), smart houses, off-grid power systems and in other systems for storing excess electricity generated by power plants.

KOKAM is the leading global producer of industrial lithium battery cells. MGM COMPRO and KOKAM have been partners for 15 years and cooperation has resulted in perfect understanding of these cells and related technologies. Cooperation has ultimately resulted in a number of advantages incorporated in MGM COMPRO products, controllers and BMS systems that provide the most advanced care for batteries. MGM COMPRO is an official distributor of these battery cells and battery packs.

LiPol-type industrial cells and batteries

These cells are among the highest quality and most reliable lithium cells on the market. KOKAM batteries are also certified for aviation applications. The portfolio includes a diverse range of cells with capacity of up to 240Ah. Practically any serial and parallel circuit configuration can be incorporated into a battery (regardless of total voltage, capacity and current).

These batteries are capable of delivering high current while maintaining the best ratio of weight to stored energy. Thanks to a very low internal resistance and the ability to deliver extremely high current, these batteries represent the best the entire segment has to offer.

These cells have an irreplaceable use in applications demanding high current, compact dimensions and low weight in traction batteries.

Industrial cells and batteries Li-Ion

They are very interesting option for cases, where you need higher battery capacity at lower weight and size with current requirements ranging from 10-15A on each cell.

It’s possible to assemble the cells into any series-parallel combination to get the battery with practically any capacity and voltage. Even though such assembled battery has higher inner resistance than battery put together of prime Li-Pol cells, it’s significantly smaller and lighter with the same capacity. The indisputable advantage is size flexibility, because of the fact that battery is assembled from smaller cells.

LiFePo4-type industrial cells and batteries

If your application is not so demanding in terms of delivered current, dimensions or battery weight, another suitable option would be to use LiFePo4-type cells. These cells are produced in capacities ranging from tens to hundreds of Ah. The major advantage of these "solid" cell packs is that they are more resistant to damage than classic LiPol cells. Another important difference is the price of these cells in comparison with LiPol-type cells.

Individual cells and complete battery packs

We produce battery packs using the cells we offer based on customer needs. If you are interested, cells can be professionally selected using internal resistance as the selection criteria in order to ensure the best parameters of the resulting battery pack.

We extend the lifespan of your batteries

When talking about batteries it is also important to mention battery management systems, or BMS, which ensure optimum management of charging and discharging, significantly enhancing battery lifespan and overall cost effectiveness. We offer chargers with highly sophisticated algorithms for charging this type of batteries.

Some types of HBC SERIES speed controllers have a battery search function (for every cell) during operation. This is an excellent choice for aviation (applications), where the controller represents the "airborne" components of the BMS and delivers a significant weight savings.

In addition to KOKAM batteries, we supply industrial lithium cells from another producer. In all cases, only high quality batteries with exceptional parameters are used.

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