Electric Motors

Industrial electric motors

We offer a large selection of drives in cooperation with electric motor producers for industrial applications with rated performance ranging from a few watts to tens of kilowatts, 80kW/100HP or even more if requested. The portfolio includes high performance electric motors used in electric vehicles, motorbikes, ships, boats, paraglides and other electric vehicles. They can also be found in oil pumps, winches and cranes, robots and a full line of other industrial applications.

BLDC electric motors (PMSM), with and without hall sensors

Together with HBC and HSBC series industrial controllers, we offer BLDC electric motors for drives ranging from tens of watts up to 80kW, or even more if needed. These promising types of motors (in versions with and without hall sensors) can be characterized by an excellent ratio of delivered performance to their dimensions and weight.

These parameters are simply unbeatable when compared to regular synchronous and asynchronous motors and are the clear reason these "little" but high performance electric motors (BLDC) are finding their place in more and more applications, where electric motors were considered unfeasible in the past due to size and weight issues. Compared to standard DC motors, the absolute advantage is the absence of a mechanical commutator and brushes, which means practically maintenance-free operation.

High performance, top-class manufacturing, focus on individual requirements

We understand uniqueness of every new project as well as needs to innovate and optimize current propulsion units in running applications. That’s why we offer (except wide range of standard winding counts – RPMs/V) even tailor made winding counts according to special RPM/V requirements of our customers. Take advantage of this possibility and get the needed RPMs even where the standard RPM/V range is not sufficient.

When cooperating with MGM COMPRO, you literally become a co-creator of the propulsion unit for your application, because we want to convert your visions into reality with all standards of the future.

One of our main goals is also to bring solutions and pure performance, where design of present motors can’t be applied.

Contact us and learn more about tailor made electric motors by MGM COMPRO.

The right drive for your application

We supply motors for a very diverse range of applications demanding compact dimensions and low weight with a flat performance curve along a wide range of speeds.

These are some of the most technologically advanced drives, especially when combined with HBC or HSBC SERIES industrial speed controllers, with a full complement of operational advantages and financial benefits.

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