SmartFlyer Challenge 2017

We were proud to take part in the first ever Fly-In of electric aircrafts held in September in Grenchen, Switzerland. Altogether with our partners we presented 3 electric aircrafts with outstanding technical features.

The history begins

September 2017 started with the first ever Fly-In of aircrafts in the history of electric powered aviation. The air show took place at the regional airport Grenchen (LSZG). There were more than 20 participants, who came to represent their projects.

MGM COMPRO plays significant role

The MGM COMPRO team was among them along with its partners. We presented three projects of the fully electric airplanes U15 Phoenix, the legendary glider Archaeopteryx and EgoTrike.

U15 Phoenix

The project of this fully electric airplane that can stay in the air for more than an hour at the cruise speed of 120 kph was created by the Czech design engineer and pilot Martin Stepanek. The project of electric powered U15 Phoenix was presented for the first time altogether with MGM COMPRO in 2014.

U15 Phoenix | MGM COMPRO


The unique propulsion unit for this legendary aircraft was developed by MGM COMPRO in late 2013. Archaeopteryx belongs to the lightest airplanes capable of incredibly maneuvering and precisely changing the direction. Learn more about Archaeopteryx Electeryx.

Archaeopteryx | MGM COMPRO


EgoTrike gives an opportunity of flying either solo or in tandem. Due to its sophisticated construction allowing easily dismantling the wing and the trike itself, it can be carried by car for long distances. All the flight preparations take no longer than 30 minutes, which makes it a very versatile aircraft.


Electric aviation on the rise

We believe that such interesting events bring a lot of experience and publicity this new field of aviation really needs to further develop. Moreover, plenty of entrepreneurial energy we felt in Grenchen will surely bring many more interesting projects of electric aircrafts in the close future.

But what we need to solve right now, is a significant lack of legislation, which should be prepared as soon as possible on both global and national levels. For example, we can emphasize individual certifications connected with propulsion units and many more.

Fortunately, the Fly-In of electric aircrafts is going to be held annually and we are really looking forward to the next year's SmartFlyer Challenge. The 1st and the 2nd of September is already in our schedule.

Watch 3 electric airplanes with MGM COMPRO propulsion units in action!