MGM COMPRO Propulsion Unit Certification

MGM COMPRO electric propulsion system for gliders just got certified. Read more details about the certification process and what's coming next.

We are really proud to announce that MGM COMPRO complex propulsion unit just obtained CERTIFICATE OF AIRWORTHINESS issued by Slovak Federation of Ultra Light Aircrafts. This certificate means that the glider and its system has positively passed all the safety and flight tests and can be legally operated by LSZ license holder (UL license counterpart).

This certificate allows GP GLIDERS to sell and register their GP SE VELO 14 aircraft equipped with MGM COMPRO electric propulsion unit.


''CERTIFICATE OF AIRWORTHINESS is issued for each individual aircraft, so it has to be predominantly repeated for each production unit, however, it allows us to register and sell the gliders in e.g. overseas markets, like USA, Australia, etc" Jerzy Peske from GP GLIDERS explained.

18 months of testings and paperwork

It took about 18 months to obtain this certificate. Examination included the overall manufacturing quality of the aircraft itself, scrutinised were also flying manuals including electric propulsion unit ones. But the most important part for this electric glider were the flight tests. After successful completion of them, MGM COMPRO complex propulsion unit overcame the red tape to finally get the "'CERTIFICATE OF AIRWORTHINESS'''.

What's next?

Because there are different requirements in different countries to deal with, GP GLIDERS cooperate with different national authorities in reference to gliders' registration and approval.

"The next step for us is German Musterzulassund certificate, based on LTF-UL rules, which in turn is even more demanding, but it is required to sell motorized gliders on the German market, which is of course very interesting for us."

This certificate is respected and required in most European countries. The process of its obtaining started a few months ago and it is scheduled to be acquired by GP GLIDERS before the next gliding season.