Hoversurf - The future is here!

Imagine flying as easy as riding a bike. Russian drone-building startup Howersurf just released new video for their single-seat quadcopter which could be future alternative to today's motorcycles.

This quadcopter with motorcycle seat can be controlled remotely or on-board as we can see in the video. It looks so easy as we can see this guy wearing motorcycle jersey flying in the air in the space of the factory.

Hoversurf build this single-seat aircraft on the Scorpion-3 (S-3) platform and they see its future use in transport, shipping cargo and more. It will take some time for people to get used to propellers spinning all around their body but then nothings holds us back from flying to work.

Future of transport

This vehicle is steered by human pilot as well as by remote controller and has built-in safety system that keeps it from loosing control and prevent vehicle from going too fast or too high.

It can carry 125 kg and its maximum speed is 60 kmh. With the batteries it is flight time is 15 minutes.



This flying vehicle has 4 propellers, each one of them is controlled by MGM COMPRO ESC - HBC 280120-3 EI. It is great to see that our components helps to push the limits of technology.

It is not first time MGM COMPRO cooperated on onboard controlled drone. Read about similar project from Hungarian company FLIKE in the article.

Drone Taxi or heavy lifting drone?

For now, it is just a prototype, but company Hoversurf Inc. is planning on introducing functioning model next year. Also this prototype will help this company to develop Drone Taxi or heavy lifting drone. This way they can not only change the way of how we transport but also how we work.