34,200 visitors of this years AERO Friedrichshafen had opportunity to see aircrafts of more than 700 exhibitors. MGM COMPRO was one of them with 364 m2 stand, 5 aircrafts and 3 complete propulsion units.

During the past few years it became a tradition that we attend AERO 2017 fair trade in Friedrichshafen. It is the event that we are looking forward to every year. This year was special for us because electric flying got biggest space for presentation in the history - one separate hall A7. Our stand in this hall took 364 m2.

364 m2 MGM COMPRO stand

Because we couldn't handle this big space by ourselves we have partnered with 5 companies. Skyleader, GP GLIDERS, SONG, Archaeopteryx and EGO TRIKE, all of them had displayed their airplanes at MGM COMPRO stand. Together we have created great experience for visitors.

Take a tour through our stand

Right at the entrance to our stand was 3 complete propulsion units. Exhibitors were able to see how it works and even control the unit with the throttle and get the propeller spinning. But the main thing at the entrance was for sure electric Skyleader 400.

Skyleader 400

The most eye catching aircraft of our stand was for sure Skyleader 400. It electric version of ultralight from Jihlavan airplanes. It is now in the phase of successful ground tests and should be undergoing air test in the beginning of May. Check out the video for more information. IMG_0888


On our stand exhibitors could see glider company GP GLIDERS. Their beautiful glider GP VELO SE 14 has successfully passed ground and air tests and its serial production has been already started. To find out more about this glider please visit GP Gliders website or watch our interview with Jerzy Peszke.



After long and successful development, Song airplane was certificated and is now produced in series. We have talked with Eduard Van De Kraats in short interview.



This legendary glider with almost 14 meters wingspan is able to take of after only 50 meters, it weighs only 61 kilograms. See the interview with Cornelia Ruppert from Ruppert Composite on our Facebook.


Ego Trike

Ego Trike is known for its sophisticated wing made of composite with more than 13 meters span. It is very light and can fly for more than 2 hours. Mila Novotny from Ultralight Design told us more about this amazing trike in an interview.


If you are interested in these project you can go follow our Facebook page where you could find interview with every of our co-exhibitors.

Below you can see brief video from AERO 2017. Thank you and see you next year!